3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Attempt To Do Your Complex GMC Repairs Yourself

GMC Service near me

If you own a GMC, you already know these vehicles are built to last. GMC owners can be proud of their cars’ high quality and performance, but they should also know that repairing a GMC is much more complicated than repairing other vehicles. It’s not something that every repair shop can handle easily—or even at […]

Signs You’re Looking at a Reliable Ford Mechanic Near You

Ford Mechanic near me

Finding a mechanic for all your car troubles and maintenance needs is easy enough these days. With 73,000 job openings for automotive mechanics and technicians projected annually, you’ll never run out of options. However, finding a reliable Ford mechanic near you is a different story. It is always reassuring when you’re taking your car to […]

Signs You Need to Get New Glow Plugs Near Me in Meridian ID

Glow Plugs near me in Meridian ID

Glow plugs last for a long time but they eventually deteriorate due to wear and tear. How do you know if you need new glow plugs near me in Meridian ID? What are Glow Plugs? Diesel engines need glow plugs to heat the fuel. Vehicles use them frequently and how…

How to Prepare Your Diesel Pickup for Spring

A paved road on a bright spring day with green grass and trees in the background, with the text “How to Prepare your Diesel Pickup for Spring”

Spring is upon us and the weather is going to begin to warm up. This is the ideal time to get your home and garage nice and clean. It is also a good time to show your diesel pickup a little TLC.Winter can be very hard on a vehicle, so now is the time to show it a little extra attention. But, what should you be looking for?…


Close-up of a car’s exhaust fluid tank with a bright blue cap, with the caption “How to Check Your Diesel’s Exhaust Fluid Level”

Almost all diesel-powered vehicles built since 2010 require the use of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). DEF is made from pure urea and de-ionized water, is a non-toxic, colorless, odorless, and non-flammable fluid. DEF is responsible for moderating your vehicle’s emissions and meeting EPA guidelines…