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A new diesel transmission is an expensive investment, and likely not one that you’ve budgeted for. Thankfully, the death of your transmission is not something that sneaks up on you. Your pickup will give you plenty of warning signs that transmission failure is on the horizon.

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When your diesel transmission starts sending you signs, it is important that you heed its warning, and have it repaired. Leaving the problem too long could lead to transmission failure, meaning you will need to replace it. This is much more expensive and time-consuming than repairing the issues as they arise.

These are five common signs that your diesel transmission needs repair:

Gear Shifting Trouble. The gear system is essential to the transmission. If your gears are acting up, it is time to have your transmission inspected by a specialist.  Common gear shifting issues include:

  • Sticking
  • Dropping out of gear when driving
  • Gears shift for no reason

Sometimes these issues can be caused by something as simple as the battery cables needing a good cleaning, a super easy fix. But if you ignore these symptoms it could lead to a failed transmission.

Gears Shake or Grind. The gear system should never shake or grind at any time in either manual or automatic drive pickups. In manual pickups, you will notice grinding when there are clutch or transmission problems. In automatic pickups, the gear stick may shake when changing gears and driving if the transmission needs repair. If you notice these symptoms have your pickup inspected right away.

Your Pickup is Noisier Than Usual. Most diesel pickups are noisy by nature, but when the transmission is in danger, it may start to make sounds that aren’t normal. Put your pickup in neutral and give it a good listen. If it sounds whiney or clunky it’s time to have it inspected. The whiny noise may indicate a bearing is about to fail and the clunky sound may mean a flexplate or dual mass flywheel are failing. If you fail to repair anything that makes a sound outside of the regular diesel noises, you are posing a risk of causing harm to engine parts that could damage much more than the transmission.

Off-colored Transmission Fluid. If you think you have transmission issues, check your transmission fluid. A healthy transmission will have fluid that is bright red. If the fluid is dark and opaque, then there is very likely an issue with your transmission. You should bring it in right away.

Burning Smell. If you smell something burning from under your hood this is a strong sign that you have transmission problems. This smell indicates that there is transmission fluid burning (which means there is likely a leak), or in manual pickups, it may mean that the clutch is slipping. Neither situation is a good one, your transmission should be inspected asap!

Replacing a diesel transmission is both costly and time-consuming. The sooner you act on the “smaller” issues, the better your diesel will perform and the more money you will save in the long run.

If you drive a diesel pickup in Meridian, Idaho, and experience any of the above problems you should schedule an appointment at Gem State Diesel & Turbo Repair today. Schedule an appointment online or call (208) 288-5555.