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5 Tips to Improve your Fuel Mileage – Diesel Repair in Nampa, ID

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Diesel trucks are well-renowned for delivering greater power output and performance than their gas counterparts. However, they may potentially use more fuel, especially if you haul heavier loads across long distances in and out of Idaho. We know that you want to save as much as you can on fuel costs at Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repair.

As such, our diesel repair experts in Nampa, ID, share five tips that can keep your truck in top condition and help it consume fuel optimally. Here they are:

1. Have your truck alignment checked regularly.

You probably have misaligned wheels if you feel vibrations as you speed along Idaho highways. Another possible culprit is a faulty suspension system. Either way, you need to visit our diesel repair shop near Nampa soon to prevent further damages to your truck.

According to automotive experts and studies by the Department of Energy, correct wheel alignment can help you save on fuel by up to 10%. Our diesel repair specialists in Nampa use factory-grade and computer-aided tools to restore your wheel angles (toe, caster, and camber) to their original settings. This will reduce strain on your drivetrain, give you smoother rides, and potentially reduce your trips to diesel repair shops.

2. Use shore power when you can, and avoid idling.

This is more suitable for larger diesel trucks in particular. Also known as truck stop electrification, this feature allows you to connect your parked truck to the grid wherever available. This helps the vehicle cool while stopped instead of idling. Diesel engineers estimate that shore power can save more than $3,000 every year on average.

3. For the engine’s sake, avoid revving your truck.

Putting your pedal to the metal may feel great and sound cool, but it will rapidly burn more fuel. The engine draws in more air and pushes more fluids, causing the whole system to work harder. Perhaps the make and model of your truck can handle it, but it can hurt your wallet if you’re not careful.

Using just the necessary amount of throttle can go a long way in keeping your engine healthy. Should you hear any clunking sounds from under the hood, just call our diesel repair experts in Nampa right away. We expertly handle diesel vehicle models from various brands.

4. Be responsive and conscious of traffic conditions.

In other words, driving your diesel truck with care around Nampa can help save on fuel. Pay close attention to traffic signs so you can react early and anticipate when to slow down. After all, restarting after coming to a complete stop and running in first gear use more fuel. Avoiding slamming on your brakes can also cut diesel consumption.

5. Get an oil change regularly from your trusted diesel repair techs in Nampa, ID.

Fresh oil reduces frictional wear, improves emissions, and reduces the risk of overheating. That is why you should get this service as frequently as recommended by your owner’s manual. Some trucks generate more heat and soot than gas vehicles, so they need oil replacement every 3,000 to 7,500 miles.

Diesel Repair in Nampa, ID

These tips may sound simple, but they can significantly benefit the reliability and durability of your prized truck. If any issue is beyond DIY fixes, don’t hesitate to contact our diesel repair mechanics in Idaho.
We provide bumper-to-bumper maintenance and repairs to drivers in Meridian, Nampa, Boise, and surrounding areas in the Gem State. Just book an appointment online or visit our diesel repair facility at 41 E Bower St, Meridian, ID 83642.