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As with any vehicle, if you want your diesel engine to run at its best, you need to have routine preventative maintenance performed on it. Diesel owners like two things, efficiency and power – and without the proper care, a diesel engine can lose both.

Close-up of gloved hands repairing an engine under the hood, with the caption “5 Tips to Keep Your Diesel Engine Running Like New”

Here are five tips to keep your diesel engine running efficiently and powerfully:

  • Change fluids on schedule. Maintaining a fluid change schedule is one of the best things you can do for your vehicle, diesel or otherwise. Make sure appointments are scheduled for oil changes, transmission flushes, and other fluid changes using the guidelines set in your owner’s manual. Never delay these fluid changes, as doing so could result in expensive engine damage.
  • Change the filters. Dirt is the enemy of all diesel engines. That is why they come equipped with air, fuel, and oil filtration. Each one of these filters prevents harmful particles from entering your engine and causing costly wear. Each filter works in its own special way and like the fluids, require changing at set intervals.
  • Care for the fuel injectors. The fuel injectors are responsible for maintaining fuel efficiency, keeping emissions clean, and reducing the need for maintenance on the fuel system. Fuel injectors last, on average, around 100,000 miles. So, it will not need to be replaced often. However, it is made up of two main parts: the injector body and the nozzle.  Should either of these become damaged or clogged, the entire performance of your vehicle is compromised. There are two types of deposits that can spell trouble for your fuel injectors, external and internal. If you suspect a clog, carefully remove it and wipe it off thoroughly, or call a trusted diesel mechanic for help. You can learn more about fuel injectors in our blog, “5 Common Symptoms of Faulty Diesel Fuel Injectors.”
  • Never drive with a cold engine. You should never start a diesel engine and immediately rev it up. Engine and turbo bearings cannot get lubricated and function properly with thick, cold oil. You need to allow the glow plugs and intake heater to have time to warm things up evenly before you put your foot on the gas. This is especially important in the colder winter months. Vehicles with diesel engines are equipped with engine oil and coolant temperature gauges that let you know when you are in the proper range for driving the vehicle. Avoid driving until your gauges are where they should be.
  • Schedule and maintain regular maintenance inspections with a trusted diesel mechanic. Scheduling regular inspections with a mechanic who specializes in diesel engines is a must in ensuring the youth and longevity of your engine. They can help you determine where your problem areas lie and steer you towards the proper maintenance practices.

Proper diesel engine upkeep pays off in the long run. The more preventative care you practice now, the less costly damage you will encounter down the road. For the best diesel maintenance and repair in the Treasure Valley, look no further than Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repair. Our team of highly experienced mechanics can deal with all types of diesel vehicles. Book an appointment online or call us at (208) 288-5555.