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8 Common Mistakes that Diesel Truck Owners Make – Diesel Repair Shop in Meridian, ID

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Owning a diesel truck has numerous advantages and some drawbacks that you have to watch out for. On the bright side, it’s easier to tow a heavy load because of their immense pulling power. On the downside, there are more moving parts in diesel trucks, potentially leading to pricey mechanical issues down the line.

Understanding what can go wrong with your diesel vehicle is vital for preventing expensive repairs down the road. As such, our diesel repair experts at Gem State Diesel and Auto Repair share eight mistakes that every driver should avoid:

1.  Using water in their diesel tanks

Water is corrosive and can damage the fuel injection system, which will require costly repairs to fix. There are small amounts of water in diesel that naturally occur. However, larger quantities need to be drained out in a diesel repair shop immediately to prevent further problems.

2. Missing your scheduled routine maintenance at a local Meridian diesel repair shop

Bringing your truck on time to a trusted diesel repair shop in Meridian sounds simple, but it’s highly effective. However, many drivers neglect timely service and keep adding miles to their vehicles. Delaying scheduled maintenance will only shorten the life of your prized truck. Follow the recommended service interval in your user’s manual to get a regular inspection and preventative services.

3. Letting their truck idle for too long on cold days

This is one of the most common mistakes made by diesel owners in Meridian, even though it’s completely avoidable if they turn their engine off once they stop driving. Diesel engines get very hot while running and need time to cool down after turning off. If not, they risk overheating and causing permanent damage to the components that come into contact with the engine’s combustion process.

4. Using cheap fuel additives in their tanks 

As previously mentioned, diesel has more parts than regular gasoline-powered engines. Thus, it needs to be carefully treated with better-quality additives than what you would use for a car. Using cheap additives might damage critical components like injectors and filters, often resulting in much pricier repairs down the road.

5. Entrusting your truck to under-qualified techs and diesel repair shops in Meridian.

You need experienced and certified diesel repair techs in Meridian who can handle complex issues when they arise. Some mechanics are simply not well-equipped to work on diesel trucks, and their services can potentially complicate problems. Ensure that you choose a reputable diesel repair mechanic. It’s also vital to entrust your car to a diesel repair shop that uses factory-grade tools for accurate diagnostics and repairs.

6. Not maintaining their truck’s diesel filters – Diesel Repair Shop Near You

The fuel filter does as its name suggests: it keeps dirty, contaminated fuel from entering the engine. They need to be replaced at least every 30,000 miles as they get clogged up and can no longer remove impurities. 

On the other hand, the oil filter should be changed roughly every 8,000 to 10,000 miles to ensure that no grime or dirt enters your diesel engine. Keeping an eye on these filters is imperative if you want to keep your diesel truck running in tip-top shape for the long haul.

7. Exposing their trucks to the elements and skipping cleaning day

Keeping your diesel vehicle clean is not only essential for its appearance but also for preventing rust. After all, corrosion can eat away at any metal parts like nuts, bolts, or even bare metal surfaces. You should also park your truck in a cool, dry place to prevent foul odors and mold growth.

8. Neglecting the truck’s fluid tanks

Check your engine’s oil tank, transmission fluid, and brake fluid levels before going on a trip. Otherwise, you risk getting stranded in Idaho or elsewhere.

If you don’t have enough motor oil, it can cause your engine to overheat and burn out while traveling at high speeds. On the other hand, not having enough brake fluid could result in a failed or leaky brake cylinder which will diminish your stopping ability if needed suddenly. If you don’t have enough transmission fluid, there is a chance that your truck could be stuck in the transmission’s limp mode, which will only allow you to drive for short distances.

Diesel Repair Shop in Meridian, ID

Every diesel owner has made at least one of these eight mistakes, so don’t feel too bad if you happen to be guilty of doing any or all of them yourself. For more tips and all your truck maintenance needs, just call our diesel repair shop in Meridian.

Our experts will help you every step of the way in keeping the reliability and resale value of your truck for a long time. Schedule a service online or visit our diesel repair shop at 41 E Bower St, Meridian, ID 83642.