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Basic Diesel Engine Services and Repair Tips

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Diesel Engine Services and Repair

Are you driving a Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, or GMC Duramax? Then you should be knowledgeable about diesel engines and their performance. Diesel vehicles run on a special type of internal combustion engine which works by burning fuel inside of them. There are so many things to love about diesel such as lower emissions, better fuel efficiency, and fewer maintenance services needed.

However, you still need high-quality diesel service and preventative maintenance to keep enjoying your vehicle for a long time.

Difference Between A Diesel Engine From Gas Powered Engine

A diesel engine, unlike its gas-powered counterpart, isn’t just about getting on the vehicle and driving wherever and whenever. Diesel engines are complex machines that you have to be familiar with before planning a road trip or operating any heavy-duty diesel equipment.

There is a big difference between diesel and gas-powered vehicles, especially in maintenance services. A diesel engine uses high compression to ignite the mixture in its cylinders while gas-powered engines use spark plugs in their fuel system. Aside from that, a diesel engine has more torque, compared to a gas-powered engine. Torque is the amount of force that causes an object to rotate on its axis, which is required for heavy loads. This is why a diesel engine is not that good when it comes to producing speed very quickly, unlike gas-powered systems.

Basic Diesel Engine Service and Maintenance

When it comes to diesel engines, prevention is better than cure. Symptoms of car trouble often show early on but you would never know anything is wrong with your truck or car until it’s too late. To minimize costs on vehicle repair, it is better to have a trusted diesel service and engine repair shop near you.

Quality Routine Maintenance

Whether you use it for work, business, or play, your diesel vehicle will take care of you. Maintain its reliability by keeping its engines in perfect condition through routine maintenance.

A reputable diesel services and repair shop recommends a tune-up every 3,000 miles or every six months to keep its engines running smoothly. If there is anything that can ruin a diesel engine, it is not changing your engine oil. Oil change for a diesel engine is recommended each time you take it for a tune-up. However, a diesel engine is not one to suffer from low oil, but getting it checked every few months will help keep it running smoothly.

A good repair shop performs quality routine and preventative maintenance and lets you know other repairs are needed.

Air Filter Maintenance

You might think that an air filter and fuel filter are the same, well they are and they are not. While both are designed to perform the same function, they filter different components in your engine. Oil filters remove particles within the oil to keep it running smoothly. Dirty oil filters will take a toll on your engine unless it is cleaned.

Air filter clogs the engine causing it to burn more fuel and weaker acceleration. An indication of a dirty filter is black smoke coming out from your vehicle’s exhaust system. Have your air filter checked every 12,000 miles.

Diesel Engine Overhaul

When you need a powerful vehicle, a diesel-powered engine is your best choice. Not only does a diesel engine produce more torque power, but it is also the right vehicle to use when hauling or towing heavy-duty items. So when a diesel engine fails, an engine overhaul may be needed; which is probably the biggest commitment that diesel engine owners make. There are several reasons for this engine service and one is engine failure.

An engine overhaul is when your diesel engine is disassembled, inspected, cleaned, repaired and tested using factory-approved procedures.

Find Skilled Professionals in Diesel Engine Repair

There are plenty of reasons to find mechanics who specialize in diesel-powered vehicles. These skilled professionals understand minor and major repairs that can save you money in the long run.

Signs You Need Diesel Engine Repair

  • overheating
  • there is leakage in your coolant
  • hard starts
  • decrease in fuel performance
  • decrease engine performance

Don’t wait for your car to break down, schedule an inspection today!