Our diagnostic equipment comes directly from Ford, GMC and Dodge, giving our team access to the best troubleshooting information available.


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Factory Supplied Equipment = Better Diagnostics

We invest in factory supplied equipment for diagnosing your diesel’s issue. Instead of relying on third-party diagnostics, we use the same equipment and technology as the dealers. Our diagnostic equipment comes directly from Ford, GMC and Dodge, giving our team access to the best troubleshooting information available. We can access factory support, technical support and obtain the latest service bulletins. Factor equipment and factory subscriptions don’t come cheap, but we believe it’s a critical investment to enable us to effectively diagnose issues so our clients can get back on the road faster.

Common Issues

If you notice any of these issues with your diesel, it’s time to book an appointment. You may notice issues like:

  • Check engine light
    This can be a big category with many different root causes ranging from a software issue to fluid leaks or steering and suspension issues. If your check engine light is on, bring your truck in. Something like a fuel leak can create major issues if it’s not addressed since the fuel is under such high pressure. Continuing to drive with a check engine light on can result in a substantial repair bill if something like a fuel leak is ignored.
  • Truck isn’t driving correctly, but it isn’t triggering a warning or service light
  • Drivetrain / 4 wheel drive not working
  • Transmission not shifting properly
  • Unknown clunks, pings or noises
  • Any other concerns you have with your truck

Whole Vehicle Wellness Checks

If you’re planning to be in the back country during hunting season, getting ready for a cross-country road trip or coming into your busy season at work and your truck has to perform, bring it in for a whole vehicle wellness check. Confidence when you’re 30 miles from a paved road, up-time during the summer, or to keep your trusted truck running as the odometer flips over 200,000 miles.  Whatever the case, this context helps us help you. By understanding what you want to do with your truck, we’ll tailor our recommendations to align with your goals.

Diagnostics for Your Truck

When you bring your truck in for diagnostics, we’ll start by asking questions about what symptoms you’re experiencing. Is it jerking or bucking, a lack of power, check engine light, drivability issue with no check engine light, or something else? This helps direct us on what likely issues could be. But we don’t believe in guessing. We use data. 

Not only will your truck be diagnosed with Ford, GMC or Dodge-supplied equipment, the repair will be confirmed when we do it and again after the repair is complete. Once a repair is complete, we’ll take your truck out and put miles on it to make sure everything was repaired correctly. There’s nothing worse than picking your truck up from a shop and the check engine light comes back on as you turn onto I-84, so we do everything we can to ensure the issue is fully resolved ahead of time.

Over 9,000 Diesels Repaired & Counting

At Gem State Diesel and Repair, we’ve been helping Idaho diesel owners get back on the road since 2010. With over 9,000 diesels repaired, if you’ve got a problem, chances are we’ve seen it and solved it. 

We’re your go-to expert for Ford Power Stroke, Dodge Cummins and Chevy/GMC Duramax engines. We stand behind our parts and our workmanship. That’s why we offer a 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty – double that of most dealers.

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