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Diesel Injectors at Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repair in Meridian, Idaho

Diesel injectors are an integral part of the diesel engine and can be found in many different vehicles. They control how much fuel is injected into the machine, which helps maintain a balance between efficiency and power.

Diesel engines rely on them to function correctly, so they need to be maintained regularly. Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repair have the tools and expertise to diagnose any problems your diesel injectors might have.

We specialize in repairing, rebuilding, remanufacturing, turbocharging, cold air induction systems for all vehicles, from trucks to cars. We provide customers with fast turnaround time at affordable prices since 2010.

OEM Diesel Injectors Product Lines

We are the premier company for injectors for dealerships and third-party service providers in Gem State. Our dedication to customers ensures that every one of our fuel systems is rebuilt with a new, first-quality nozzle from the OEMs.

Rest assured that you will never get remanufactured parts when we rebuild your system. You also get all injector tips replaced with OEM parts or better—we’ve got you covered, whether it’s an on-road car or off-road truck.

Diesel Injectors Replacement and Installation

Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repair is one of the leading diesel fuel replacement suppliers in Idaho. We sell, service, and rebuild any component your truck or equipment needs to run smoothly – from injectors to turbochargers.

With over ten years of experience servicing industry products around Meridian, Idaho, and beyond, you can trust our team for quality workmanship on every job we take.

We offer:

– Diesel injector repair, installation, and replacement on diesel trucks of all sizes, including 18 wheelers.

– Diesel injection nozzle installations include the new OEM quality fuel system components to ensure your vehicle gets back up and running.

– Diesel injector nozzle inspections for a quick repair or replacement to get your truck back on the road.

We offer complete maintenance and repairs of diesel injection components, ranging from fuel filters to ECM calibration.

We also service and rebuild diesel injectors for:

Diesel Cars:


Mercedes Benz  Datsun/Nissan, to name a few, and Agricultural & Industrial Diesel Vehicles like John Deere (just one of our many customers).

Give us a call today at 208-288-5555 to know more!

Exceptional In-House Sales & Service 

At Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repair, we work with customers directly to address inquiries and take them step-by-step through the diagnostics process. We specialize in everything related to diesel fuel injectors, pumps, and turbochargers. 

We can perform Diesel Injector service, Diesel Fuel pump repair/replacement, and Diesel Turbocharger rebuild. So if you are experiencing an issue or need assistance with a return/core item, our specialists can help you quickly.

Why choose Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repair for your Diesel Injectors Needs?

Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repair offer the best diesel fuel injectors, pumps, and turbochargers for your truck or car. Whether you need replacing an old model or installing new models right off the lot at dealerships in the Idaho region near Boise, Gem State will make sure that we have what it takes to keep you running smoothly all day long.

We are committed to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing a guarantee that will make you smile.

If you’re tired of feeling disappointed when your injector doesn’t work? Let Gem State Diesel and Turbo repair give you peace of mind with our guaranteed service. Give us a call at 208-288-5555 or schedule an appointment online today!

Ford Diesel Injectors

  • 1983-1987: Ford 6.9L IDI
  • 1988-1994: Ford 7.3L IDI
  • 1994.5-2002: Ford 7.3L Powerstroke
  • 2003-2007: Ford 6.0L Powerstroke
  • 2008-2010: Ford 6.4L Powerstroke
  • 2011-Present: Ford 6.7L Powerstroke
A Bosch diesel injector, which is essential for pressurizing and injecting fuel into the diesel engine combustion chamber

Dodge Diesel Injectors

  • 1983-1987: Cummins 12-valve 1st Gen
  • 1994-1998.5: Cummins 12-valve 2nd Gen
  • 1998.5-2002: Cummins 24-valve 5.8 2nd Gen
  • 2003-2004.5: Cummins 24-valve 5.9 Common Rail
  • 2004.5-2007: Cummins 24-valve 5.9 Common Rail
  • 2007 – Present: Cummins 24-Valve 6.7L Common Rail”
A fuel injector, an essential automotive part that sprays fuel into the engine through electronically-controlled valves

Chevy Diesel Injectors

  • 1981-1991: GMC 6.2L
  • 1992-1993: GMC 6.5L
  • 1994-2000: GMC 6.5L
  • 2001-2004: Duramax LB7
  • 2004-2005: Duramax LLY
  • 2006-2007: Duramax LBZ
  • 2008-2010: Duramax LMM
  • 2011-Present: Duramax LML
Diesel injector, an essential car part that pressurizes and sprays fuel into the combustion chamber for the engine to work