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Factory supplied diagnostics lets us identify the issue quickly and get your turbo repaired or replaced efficiently.


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Turbo Services

If you’re concerned that your turbo isn’t operating optimally, bring it into the shop where you’ll receive a full inspection. If you’re noticing a lack of acceleration, whining sound, gray smoke or increased oil burn, it could be due to an issue with your turbo.

Not only will we identify items that often provide immediate performance improvement, we’ll also check for leaks and damages that could cause larger problems later. 

Need a special part? We’re happy to help you locate and special order parts for your truck.


We invest in factory supplied equipment for diagnosing and repairing your turbo. Instead of relying on third-party diagnostics, we use the same equipment and technology as the dealers. Our diagnostic equipment comes directly from Ford, GMC and Dodge, giving our team access to the best troubleshooting information available. We can flash and reprogram your turbo, access factory support and technical support, and obtain the latest service bulletins. Factor equipment and factory subscriptions don’t come cheap, but it’s a critical investment that enables us to effectively diagnose issues so our clients can get back on the road faster.

If you drive a diesel, you already know how much electronics are in many of the newer trucks, and your turbo is no different.  Because we specialize in Ford, GMC and Dodge diesels, we’re well aware of inherent issues that are present in some models. We know what’s likely to fail early, and our service team understands what does and doesn’t cause these failures. Chances are if you come in with an issue with your turbo, we’ve seen it before and we’ve fixed it before. And if we haven’t, our factory supplied equipment will diagnose it effectively.

Repair, Replacement Parts & Components

Here’s some things that can indicate it’s time to come in and have your turbo looked at: 

  • Lack of Power
  • Lack of Throttle Response
  • Check Engine Light
  • Drivability Problems when the Check Engine Light is Off

We use factory or quality after-market parts. We’re a member of the Association for Diesel Specialists (ADS) and a Bosch shop. Bosch is an OEM for many diesel components worldwide. Being part of ADS and working closely with Bosch enables us to identify quality replacement parts for turbo repair. Our team then vets the part with practical experience, tests them out and hones in on the ideal components. We coordinate with the manufacturers to study failure rates, improvements and more. 

We don’t go after the lowest price part, we go after the best value. There’s a lot of poor quality aftermarket equipment that leads to poor quality rebuilds. We don’t use them. 

Our 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty is double that of most dealer warranties which usually top out at 1 year / 12,000 miles. We can stand behind that because we will only put quality products into your truck.

Rebuilds & New Replacements

If your truck is a 2005 or older, we may be able to rebuild components in your turbo and put it back together. Newer models may require a full replacement. 

Over 9,000 Diesels Repaired & Counting

At Gem State Diesel and Repair, we’ve been helping Idaho diesel owners get back on the road since 2010. With over 9,000 diesels repaired, if you’ve got a problem, chances are we’ve seen it and solved it. 

We’re your go-to expert for Ford Power Stroke, Dodge Cummins and Chevy/GMC Duramax engines. We stand behind our parts and our workmanship. That’s why we offer a 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty – double that of most dealers.

Getting You Back on the Road

  1. Schedule an Appointment
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  2. Inspection or Diagnostic Services
    1. Efficient diagnosis of the source of the problem with computer-assisted diagnostic tests.
  3. Upfront Price Estimate
    1. You’ll get a price estimate for approval before we begin work
  4. Enjoy Your Peace of Mind
    1. Get back on the road timely at a fair price. Our work is backed by a 2-year 24,000 mile warranty.

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