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How to Prepare Your Diesel Pickup for Spring

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Spring is upon us and the weather is going to begin to warm up. This is the ideal time to get your home and garage nice and clean. It is also a good time to show your diesel pickup a little TLC.

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Winter can be very hard on a vehicle, so now is the time to show it a little extra attention. But, what should you be looking for?

Springtime Care for Your Diesel Pickup

To start, make some time to glance over your pickup for any obvious issues. Cold weather is rough on your vehicle, and if you put off the care of even little things it could eventually cost you quite a bit- especially with diesel truck engines. Here are some things to check.

Fluid Levels

The end of winter is a great time to make sure all your vehicle’s fluids are where they should be. Check the brake, coolant, power steering, transmission, and windshield washer fluid levels. Top them off if necessary, or flush/replace them if you are at the recommended interval set in your owner’s manual.  Make sure you are also changing your oil and oil filter as needed, and to never put it off. *Remember, brake, coolant, and power steering systems are closed, so if fluid levels are low, you may have a leak that needs to be repaired.

Wiper Blades

Changes in weather can be damaging to your wiper blades, causing them to warp, tear, or crack. Damaged wiper blades won’t do you any good during those April showers. Visibility is important to your safety and the safety of other motorists, so take this time to inspect the blades and replace them if needed.


The dirt, grime, and moisture that builds up on the winter roads can do a number on your brakes. Take this time to make sure they are clean and in proper working order. Making sure you have good stopping power will be very important in the coming spring showers.


As the only contact between your pickup and the road, tires must be properly maintained. Weather fluctuations can cause tire pressure to change. Make sure you are checking the pressure at least once a month and set it to the psi recommended in your owner’s manual. Look over your tires and check for uneven and irregular wear and damage to the sidewalls. Rotate tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles and replace them when they are worn or damaged.


The colder temperatures of winter can do a number on a battery. So, now that it’s warming up, it is a good idea to have your battery tested. Double-check that the battery is mounted securely and that all the connections are tight and corrosion-free.

Belts and Hoses

Rubber can be hardened or damaged in the cold temperatures of winter. Now that it is starting to warm up, check the hoses for blistering, cracks, leaking, hardening or softening, or other signs of damage. Inspect the belts for cracks, frays, glazing, or looseness.

Trust Gem State Diesel & Turbo Repair to Prepare Your Diesel Pickup for Spring

Show your diesel pickup some love this spring. Bring it into Gem State Diesel & Turbo Repair for an after-winter check-up. We will make sure everything is working properly and take care of any maintenance that is needed.  Schedule your appointment online, or call us at 208-288-5555.