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The next time you’re at a dealership, you’ll be faced with the option of buying either a gas or diesel vehicle.

In the past, the choice was straightforward because diesel engines were reserved for large, heavy-duty vehicles. However, that has changed – you will find many small vehicles on the road today with a diesel engine.

Since the VW diesel scandal, diesel vehicles have been widely criticized for contributing to environmental pollution. With countries in Europe imposing higher taxes on diesel, it is no surprise that the sale of diesel vehicles has dropped. But taxes are lower in America which is why vehicle sales are not slumping.

Despite what critics may say, this is not the end of diesels. Low emission diesel vehicles are being produced today which are just as environmentally friendly as gas vehicles.

Close-up of a green fuel pump refilling a car’s diesel tank with the text “Should your next vehicle be a diesel?”

Pros of Diesel Vehicles

1. Fuel-Efficient: Diesel vehicles are known to be fuel-efficient. You can get up to 30 percent more mileage from a full tank of diesel than you can with a full tank of gas.

2. Excellent Performance: Diesel vehicles do not only consume less fuel but also offer better performance than gas vehicles.

Diesel engines have higher compression than gas engines. They give you increased torque and more power, which this translates to better performance. Therefore, you can easily climb a hill without accelerating at a higher rate than you usually would.

3. More Options: As indicated above, there are more vehicles on the market today with diesel engines. Whether you want a small vehicle, an SUV or a big truck, there is something for you.

4. Less Maintenance: Diesel engines are more rugged than gas engines and require less maintenance. You need to change the oil and check the filters in your diesel engine from time-to-time but so what? Gas powered vehicles require more maintenance. For example, you generally have less to worry about since it doesn’t have spark plugs and other ignition components that require frequent maintenance.

5. Fewer Emissions: Diesels are more environmentally friendly than they used to be. Thanks to catalytic converters and new filters, diesel vehicles do not emit as much carbon and nitrogen dioxide as they used to. As a result, most new diesels meet government emission requirements.

Cons of Diesel Vehicles

1. More Expensive: Diesel is more expensive than gas. Therefore, if you buy a diesel vehicle, you’d be paying more at the gas station than someone with a gas vehicle. However, since diesel engines are more fuel efficient, the higher upfront cost will pay out in the end.

2. Low Availability: Another thing to consider if you are buying a diesel is that some gas stations do not sell diesel. Therefore, you may be out of luck if you are on a long trip with an empty tank and you pull up to a gas station that doesn’t sell diesel.

Though you can get an app that tells you where diesel gas stations are so this does not happen.

3. Slower Speed: Diesel vehicles are generally not as fast as gas vehicles. Therefore, if you value speed, diesel may not be the best option for you. With that said, diesels do produce more horsepower.

And how many people drive like those characters in Fast and Furious or those sports cars (Autobots) in Transformers 4? Not too many people!

4. Noisy Engine: Diesel engines are known to be louder than gas engines. While diesels are not as loud as they used to be thanks to technological advancements, they are still generally noisier than gas cars. Unless you are very particular about the sound coming from your vehicle’s engine, this is not a big deal.

Better Gas Mileage and Tougher

All things considered, if you drive long distances, a diesel vehicle may be a better option for you since they are more fuel-efficient and have powerful engines.

Thanks to the brouhaha over diesel, there are some stellar deals for diesel vehicles that you can take advantage of to save money.

Need Advice on the Best Diesel to Buy?

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