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Signs You Need to Get New Glow Plugs Near Me in Meridian ID

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Glow Plugs near me in Meridian ID

Glow plugs last for a long time but they eventually deteriorate due to wear and tear. How do you know if you need new glow plugs near me in Meridian ID?

What are Glow Plugs?

Diesel engines need glow plugs to heat the fuel. Vehicles use them frequently and how long they need to be used will depend on the weather conditions in Meridian Idaho or wherever it is you live. If you live in colder places, your vehicle needs a new glow plug more frequently. You need to know the basic signs of failing glow plugs so you can bring your vehicle to an auto specialist like Gem State Diesel & Turbo Repair.

Is it Time to Get New Glow Plugs Near Me in Meridian ID?

The Engine Warning Light is On

Something is wrong with your vehicle when you see the engine warning light is on. Take your car to an auto mechanic in Meridian ID for proper inspection. The results of the diagnostics will determine if you need new glow plugs or if something else is wrong.

Hard Starting

Hard starting is one of the most common indicators of damaged glow plugs. A defective glow plug will prevent the combustion chamber from reaching the appropriate temperature to light the fuel and start the engine.

Misfiring Engine

Diesel engines need a high compression rate and require precise timing and amount when injecting the fuel, which results in combustion. Fuel injection, compression, fuel quality, and other issues may cause misfires. A faulty glow plug may also cause misfires and you have to get new ones with the help of a car specialist in Meridian Idaho.

Difficult to Start the Engine

A burned-out or damaged plugs may cause some difficulty in starting the engine when temperatures drop. The engine will idle roughly and you’ll notice white smoke coming from the exhaust before it starts.

Lower Fuel Efficiency

The fuel and temperature determine the fuel efficiency of the engine. But, glow plugs may also play a role. During colder seasons, whether it be in Meridian Idaho or another location, certain additives are mixed with diesel to lower its freezing point, which may reduce the efficiency of the fuel. Glow plugs can help give more heat to the combustion chamber. If the plugs are busted, it may result in lower fuel efficiency.

Black Smoke

If the fuel and air ratio are not balanced, then you will see black smoke come out of the engine. But faulty glow plugs may also hurt the combustion process, which may also lead to black smoke. You need to bring your car to an automotive mechanic and get new glow plugs near me in Meridian ID.

White Smoke

Fuel burns if there is enough heat. Otherwise, the engine produces white smoke, which is a sign that the heat is not enough to burn the fuel. Defective glow plugs can result in white smoke when starting up the engine. Air in the fuel system and low compression may also cause white smoke.

How to Extend the Life of Glow Plugs?

You can do a lot of things to help extend the life of your vehicle’s glow plugs. Here are a few things that your Meridian ID auto mechanic will tell you.

  • Clean the surrounding area of the mounting pole before you remove or install a new one to prevent debris from getting into the engine.
  • Use the new gasket to ensure that the new plug seals properly against the head.
  • Stop running the engine to empty because it may damage the plug.
  • Store the glow plug properly in their packs until you decide to use them so they don’t collect dust or dirt.
  • Never leave the starter attached because it may wear out the plug quickly.
  • Avoid over-tightening the glow plug. The plug is tight enough when you see it snug up against the head. Tightening it too much can negatively affect the aluminum head, which could lead to an air leak.

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