Top 4 Reasons We Love Diesel Engines

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Are you trying to decide whether you should buy a diesel pickup for your next vehicle, or stick with a gasoline-powered vehicle? If so, at the bottom of this blog we have listed some of our articles that compare the two more in-depth and have detailed some pros and cons of owning a diesel-powered vehicle. However, the purpose of this article is to focus solely on why you SHOULD get a diesel.

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These are the top four reasons we love diesel engines, and you will too:

1.      Torque

Torque is the measurement of the force that causes an object to rotate on an axis. The process used by a diesel engine to burn fuel allows for more torque to enter the driveshaft, which makes the vehicle faster. This allows diesel trucks to out-tow their gas-powered counterparts without sacrificing fuel economy.

2.      More Efficient

Diesel fuel, according to the US Energy Information Administration, is energy-dense. Diesel fuel, unlike gasoline, reuses energy and as a result, is more economically efficient.

3.      Long Life

Diesel engines are built tough to tolerate high compression. As such, they don’t wear out quickly and typically require fewer repairs.

Some diesel engines have lasted near 900,000 miles. You may not want to keep your vehicle that long, but with a diesel engine, it could be possible.

4.      Better Gas Mileage

When it comes to gas mileage, diesel engines have gas-powered vehicles beat. This is especially useful in the bigger, heavy-duty type trucks. According to the US Department of Energy, a vehicle with a diesel engine can get between 25-30 percent better fuel economy than that of a gas-powered vehicle. This makes a diesel pickup more cost-effective, and there’s no going wrong there.

There are many reasons to love a diesel-powered pickup. Their power and endurance are just the icing on the cake. The biggest reason we love a diesel-engine? The way we feel when we drive it. What else can make you feel as though you can conquer anything ahead of you?

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