Qualified dodge service in meridian, Idaho

Dodge Vehicles are known as supercharged engines because of their uniqueness in their power and style. Your dodge truck deserves the best dodge service and repair that you can get in Meridian, Idaho. 

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Right here at Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repair, we strive to provide top-quality service and repair to your Dodge Ram Diesel pickups. Whether you need an oil change, regular maintenance, or engine diagnostic, we’ve got you covered.

Expert Dodge Service Team of Auto Specialists

Dodge vehicles are known for their dependability and longevity. Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repair knows that your Dodge vehicle deserves utmost care and maintenance from certified Dodge experts in Meridian, Idaho. Our highly skilled technicians and mechanics make the best Dodge Service in the Boise location and nearby towns and cities. 

Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repair focuses on the commitment of providing top-quality Dodge Service and Repair in a timely manner. Whether you bring your Dodge Diesel Ram for an oil change, brake replacement, or complete engine diagnostics, we ensure you get the highest standard of service and repair with a fast turnaround time. 

All Dodge Service and Repairs are covered by a 24-month, 24,000-mile guarantee. 

Boise Area, Idaho, Dodge Diesel Ram Pickup Truck – Oil Change, Brakes Service, Tires Service, Complete Engine Diagnostics, Maintenance, and Major Dodge Service and Repairs

When you’re looking for reliable Dodge Service and Repair in Boise, Meridian, and nearby locations, Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repair is your auto mechanic shop and dealership service. We offer a complete range of services and repairs for all models of Dodge vehicles. Our highly-trained staff is certified and licensed to work with your Dodge RAM. We ensure that every service and repair is done right.

Our certified Dodge-specific technicians are diesel-certified and have been continuously undergoing training to give you the best customer service with the latest technology, tools, and equipment that give the highest standard of Dodge Service and Repair. We also use OEM parts and components for any replacement that you need for your Dodge RAM truck. Expert vehicle care and excellent customer service are the ways we value our customers and Idaho drivers since 2010


Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repair, Your Premier Dodge Service Specialist in Meridian, Idaho

Dodge Service at dealerships can be expensive, but with Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repair, we offer Dodge Service at a fair price without compromising the quality of the workmanship. We know that following the factory maintenance schedule is significant in the longevity of your Dodge Vehicle, and we’re here to help you maintain it in top shape. So whether you need a tire alignment, oil change, transmission diagnostics, and maintenance service in Treasure Valley, you can always count on Gem State Diesel and Turbo Repair. 

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