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Let’s face it; every year, our earth faces more and more pollution. From carbon emissions and overflowing landfills, all the way to oil spills and trash-filled oceans, some of the most spectacular parts of our world are being lost to pollution. With this being said, it’s important to pay attention to the carbon footprint we leave behind in every part of our lives.

A white Volkswagen Golf TDI 2009 model with the caption “What is Clean Diesel?”

Despite this, diesel fuel is a highly effective, long-lasting, and fuel-efficient option which has been somewhat demonized since the 1970s for being extremely harmful to the environment. However, for diesel truck drivers, the idea of switching to a gas vehicle is just out of the picture. So, where does the compromise lie? Well, this is where the idea of clean diesel stemmed from. The question is whether clean diesel is truly better than standard diesel, what makes it clean to begin with, and where in the Gem State this form of diesel fuel can be found.

Clean Diesel VS Standard Diesel

Now, you’ve probably heard the term ‘clean coal’ before but, let’s be honest, we all know that there’s no such thing as ‘clean coal.’ So, the question arises: is there truly such a thing as ‘clean’ diesel?

The answer is simple; yes. Although clean diesel may not be the answer to all of our pollution problems, what makes clean diesel different from regular diesel is the fact that clean diesel removes roughly 97% of sulfur found in traditional diesel and reduces soot emissions from diesel vehicles by 10%.

On top of this, according to the Diesel Technology Forum, “Introduction of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels for both on- and off-road applications is a central part of the clean diesel system designed to meet near zero emissions standards.”

Not to mention that clean diesel still has many of the benefits that standard diesel has such as the fact that it is extremely fuel-efficient meaning you get more mileage for less money. On top of this, at the Paul Scherrer Institute, it has been statistically proven in a recent study that “gasoline cars emitted on average 10 times more carbonaceous PM at 22°C and 62 times more at -7°C compared to diesel cars.”

Is it Really Cleaner?

Since clean diesel has become popularized, the big thing people have been wondering is if it truly is cleaner than standard diesel. As we stated above, clean diesel is cleaner than regular diesel by emitting less soot and reducing the amount of sulfur found within it.

With new studies proving that diesel is actually more environmentally friendly than gas, this clean diesel option could be the answer to a fuel alternative for avid diesel truck drivers worldwide.

However, one of the biggest obstacles clean diesel currently faces is actually a scandal caused by the car manufacturer, Volkswagen, in 2016. The popular automaker stated that they had developed a new line of clean diesel vehicles which passed emissions tests but, it was later found that these cars had defeat devices which concealed the fact they emitted 40 times the permitted level of pollutants during regular use.

Although this scandal had nothing to do with clean diesel but rather how far a car company would go to promote the idea of ‘clean diesel,’ it overall cast a bad light on the newly created form of fuel.

Because of this, clean diesel manufacturers will have to push even harder to prove its value and the clean diesel vehicle may take even longer to become less of an idea and more of a reality worldwide.

Where in Idaho Can You Find Clean Diesel?

As it stands right now, most of the higher quality clean diesel fuel options are used primarily by school buses, transit, and delivery trucks. However, biodiesel is one form of clean diesel that can be found in Idaho in various places.

You can find nearby biodiesel locations on,  and, with growing interest across the country in diesel fuel each year, it’s only a matter of time before this list increases further.

In the end, no matter what kind of diesel vehicle you drive, Gem State Diesel will provide you with the quality customer service and care you need to ensure your vehicle lasts a lifetime. After all, we know there’s a future for diesel and we’re not afraid to lead the pack in diesel fuel care in Idaho and beyond.